December 6, 2011: Snow

Medifast Status: Day 218, Down ~71lbs

I got up at six this morning and did about an hour of work from the house before heading into the office.  When I got outside to my car I discovered that there was actually snow and ice on it!  Not very much, but some.  I had not been aware that snow was in the potential forecast for today.  It was quite cold when I stepped outside so I was not totally surprised but early December is pretty early to be seeing snow in Texas.  Back home in New York it was expected to hit sixty yesterday and today it was raining.  Not very often that we have snow in Texas and it is a nice, autumn day back in New York.

I got in to the office nice and early and the morning was pretty slow.  Not very much going on at all.  At a quarter till eleven I went out to the cafe down the street for some coffee by the fireplace.  My iPhone is acting up today and neither IM nor email are working properly.  Everyone else seems to be having issues as well.  Not fun.  Now I am disconnected unintentionally.

I got back from the cafe just in time to be hit with a huge outage that took up my entire lunch period and into the afternoon.  I was barely off of that call when another one, supporting Europe, kicked in.  So my day was quite busy and spent almost entirely on the phone.  Exhausting.

This did make it easy for me to leave the office early today, though, which is nice on a Tuesday because that is kids’ night at Brookhaven and we like to get over there nice and early for dinner.  It is slower earlier on and perfect for the kids so that they are not so tired when we go.  Liesl really loves her Brookhaven buffet.  She finds it quite exciting to get to pick her food and eat pizza broccoli all night.

I got home at a quarter till five.  The kids were mostly ready.  Luciana was demanding that I hold her for a while so I held her while Dominica got Liesl ready.

We got to dinner nice and early, a quarter after five.  Liesl ate very well.  Pizza and broccoli and some of a cupcake.  Dominica and I both decided to just do the buffet tonight.  Seared mahi mahi with a chili lime sauce, grilled asparagus, salad bar, cheese board, etc.  It was pretty good.  The food is tamer on kids’ night since it is more families and the older kids tend to eat off of the chef’s table too.

Liesl is doing really well now with her potty training.  Last week when we came to Brookhaven Dominica had gotten Liesl dressed and totally forgot to put a diaper on her.  Liesl told Dominica that she wanted to use the potty partway through dinner and Dominica rushed her down to the restrooms fully expecting to take off a diaper.  Thankfully she did not tell her to just go in the diaper since it is important that she learn to go use the restroom when we are out someplace.  Dominica was very surprised to find Liesl in panties, not a diaper!

So this week, after Liesl did so well last week without any prep at all, Liesl is going out diaperless – except now Dominica is packing spare clothes and stuff just in case.  Last week had something gone wrong there would be nothing that we would be able to do.  Liesl used the restroom twice this week without incident!  She is growing up so fast.

After dinner we came home and I watched the girls for a while while Dominica went out and did some shopping.  We were pretty low on some household essentials so it needed to be done.  We had forgotten a few things when I ran out yesterday.

Once Dominica was home we spent the bulk of the evening working.  I put in a lot of time working on some Juniper routers and then spent a bit of time working on the DL385 G7 which is shipping to Toronto this week.  I can’t wait to get that bad boy racked and spun up.  That is some sweet kit.

Around midnight I managed to log into Dragon Age II and knocked out a couple of smaller side quests.  Nothing too major but I wanted to get some things done so that the story kept progressing.  I played for maybe forty-five minutes.  Towards the end Dominica came in and sat on the couch with me and watched me play for a little bit before we finally went to bed around two in the morning.

I’m going to be pretty tired tomorrow since I am getting up at six in the morning these days.

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