December 5, 2011: No Snow Yet

Medifast Status: Day 217, Down ~71lbs

I should have known that if I took the time to have a nice weekend that I would pay the price today, and I did.  What a day it turned out to be.

I weighed in this morning and thankfully was down a full pound.  It has been three weeks since I was last visibly losing weight so I am pretty pleased to see progress finally this morning.  Not very much progress, but something.  We have been suffering from giving in to snacking and holiday foods.  There is just so much food around the house.  And then we discovered Panda Express which is not the worst thing ever for the diet but we were going there way, way too often.  An occasional treat at best.

There was a threat of light snow this morning, but I did not see any.  It was a chilly day, nonetheless.  Snow was certainly an option.  The house was very cold and we have discovered that living in a house in Texas on a slab means that no matter what you do the floor is always very cold and you need to have something thick on your feet at all times.  My feet are aching today from how cold they are continuously.  The carpet helps a little.  Not much.

I worked from home for a little while this morning then ran in to the office a little after ten thirty.  It was a busy morning.

I came home for lunch and had hoped to get to play Dragon Age over lunch and wrap it up.  I had stayed up until one this morning thinking that I might be able to beat it last night but that didn’t happen.  The side quests kept tripping me up.  So I finally gave up on it thinking that I could come back to it today.  I fired it up, played for less than ten minutes while starting to eat lunch, but then I had to go do a call.  I knocked out one really small quest and that was it.

My lunch ended up being eaten over the course of three calls.  No breaks for me.  This was an exhausting lunch hour.

Back at the office it was relatively slow.

Dad sent me this link of the World’s Fifteen Best Cities In Which to Live.  So far I have only been to two of them: Toronto (15) and Ottawa (14).  Both of which I know very well, however.  I am surprised that neither Montreal or Halifax made the list, both of which I would likely choose over Ottawa and definitely over Toronto.  Not that Toronto isn’t awesome, I just prefer the other three.  Of the remaining thirteen cities on the list Dominica and I expect to be visiting Amsterdam (12), Bern (9), Geneva (8), Dusseldorf (5), Munich (4), Zurich (2) and Vienna (1) while we are over in Europe in a few months and we might stop by Frankfort (also tied for 5) while we are there too, but that one is less likely.  So at the end of our trip we might see eight more of the top fifteen for a total of ten.  I will have been to some pretty impressive places.  Considering that part of the goal of the trip is to determine areas in which we would like to live it appears that we are making some pretty good choices as starting points.

After work I stopped by Walmart and did some grocery shopping.  Just some quick stuff as we were out of some essential ingredients to being able to eat other food that we had in the house.  And Liesl was nearly out of her “purple chocolate milk” – Walmart brand Pediasure.

I got home, had a snack, played with Luciana for a little bit and settled in to work for the entire evening.  I worked until just after midnight.

Dominica had a really long day too and effectively worked all day.  We were both really exhausted when we knocked off around midnight.

Liesl is loving doing her advent calendar every night.  Every night she and Dominica open the calendar, read the night’s story then Liesl goes and hangs the little booklet for the day on to the Christmas tree.  She loves the Christmas tree and the ornaments.  She will sit in the living room, far away from us in the play room, and talk to the ornaments, organized them into like groups and just have the best time.  She organizes the ornaments into “families.”  It is really funny.

Luciana is getting up on her hands and knees now and is skooching backwards pretty well.  She is nearly ready to crawl and might be doing so any day.  She is so active and happy.  She is the happiest baby ever.  Just happy all the time.  She gets so excited when I get home that she just shakes.  It is adorable.  She is sitting up pretty well now and is finally tough enough to be able to handle playing with Liesl from time to time without us being terrified that Liesl is going to break her in some way – likely her arm as Liesl loves to grab Luciana’s hand and yank her around by it.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more relaxed.   I have my alarm set to get me up early so that I can actually make it in to the office at a reasonable time.

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