December 8, 2011: The Littlest Wiseman

Medifast Status: Day 220, Down ~71lbs

My alarm didn’t go off this morning so I was on the late side getting up.  It was still seven thirty but I try to be up around six, at the latest.

It is warmer today and sunny again like yesterday.  We had a full week of grey days and now it is colder but bright.  Today is not so cold though and no real fear of there being ice anywhere.

I had the sniffles, a bit of a sinus infection, and was so busy trying to help Dominica around the house that once I came home for lunch I decided to just stay home for the evening.  There was no time to get everything done otherwise.  I had a lot of deployments to do for the office because of the upcoming financial freeze for a month and Dominica needed me to be home early to babysit the girls for the evening while she goes out to see “The Littlest Wiseman” production in Fort Worth.

The afternoon was pretty busy.  Everyone is trying to get their deployments in prior to the weekend.  Monday will be great, but today and especially tomorrow will be rough.

Dominica had to leave the house at twenty after five to make it over to Fort Worth for the show.  That left Liesl and Luciana with me for about four hours.  Luciana was really tired and went to bed around six thirty.

Liesl stayed up with me hanging out.  She hung out in my office for a while whilst I worked.  Then I moved out into the play room to work from Dominica’s workstation.  After a while, once Liesl was getting into her drowsy evening mood, I turned on Dragon Age II and played a little bit in the background while still doing work.

I got to play very, very little of Dragon Age II.  I did just enough to get it to initiate the final sequence of the game and did some of the necessary grinding to head into that portion.  At most it was probably thirty to forty-five minutes of game play, tops.  I wanted to save the very end of the game for Dominica to watch as well.  I should be able to complete it tomorrow night at this point.

Liesl sat on my lap and watched me play even though I was working far more than I was playing.  After a bit I turned it off and Liesl said “Daddy, what happened to your game?”

Liesl and I read quite a bit tonight too.  She kept bringing me books that I had not seen before and making me read them over and over again.  Books like “Jazzy in the Jungle” and “Go, Dog, Go”.

Dominica got home around nine thirty.  Liesl went to bed shortly thereafter.  Then Dominica worked for a while and we watched a little How I Met Your Mother second season.  We were both worn out so Dominica had a whiskey and I had a martini and we called it a night.

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