November 30, 2011: Sfuzzi Las Colinas

Medifast Status: Day 212, Down ~70lbs

This morning started off very busy and I ended up not managing to make it in to the office all morning.  It was busy with me helping Dominica and Danielle, not with office work.  The office was super slow again today, thankfully.

Since I had dinner plans for this evening I was unable to eat lunch today so instead I took what time I had at lunch and played some more Dragon Age II.  Dominica half pays attention as I play.  Part of her wants to watch it and follow along with the story because she wants to know what happens and part of her doesn’t want to know because she is going to play through it too and does not want it all to be spoiled.  Although I imported my old DAO game which had quite a different ending from hers so to some degree we want to see both of them so that we can compare how the DAO universe reacts to our different choices in the original game.

After lunch I went in to the office where the afternoon remained very slow.  At a quarter after five I left work to drive over to Sfuzzi where I am attending a private happy hour event to show off the new restaurant.

Tamara and Watson didn’t manage to make it over to Sfuzzi and Dominica was staying home with the girls since it was a happy hour event so it was just Jenn and I at Sfuzzi tonight.  It is a nice venue and we had a good time.  They provided free drinks and light dinner including tons of pizzas, portabella fries and whatever we wanted from the menu – all of which was excellent.

We hung out for a couple of hours both inside and outside at the firepit that they have there.  I swung over to check out Jenn’s condo and help her size a television.

Dominica had a tough evening with work and the kids.  Liesl was sent to bed early after an incident in which she put her hand into her potty after she had peed in it.

So we didn’t get to relax and hang out that much tonight.

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