December 1, 2011: More Dragon Age 2

Medifast Status: Day 213, Down ~70lbs

It is Thursday and another really slow day at the office.  This is great.  There is so much going on at home that there is no way that I could put up with work being busy too.

I came home for lunch today and was doing errands for Dominica.  Ended up being a really busy lunch time running from one thing to another.

I got home and needed to do some work for a while.  Maybe an hour or so.  I had some dinner – eating lean and healthy again today.  I have to make up for yesterday with the pizza.

After working for a bit I put in some time on Dragon Age II.  I’m really liking that I am able to play a little bit each day.  That is how I like my video games.  It allows me to maintain the storyline in my head.  If you take too much of a break you have to spend an hour getting reacclimated to the game and you lose the thread easily.  Characters get forgotten, relationships are fuzzy, etc.  Doing it consistently provides a much better experience.

I am about eleven to thirteen hours into DA2 now.  Far enough to be into the meat of the game.  So far I am continuing to really like it.  I’m really liking that I am continuing to see references to decisions that I made long ago in DAO coming back in DA2.  Very good integration between the games – not something that you usually see at all.

Liesl spent much of the evening sitting on the couch with me.  I’m loving this new play room set up.

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