December 21, 2011: Dragon Age 2 Completed

Medifast Status: Day 232, Down ~72lbs

The Whitehouse needs your voice to know that Americans want the SOPA Bill to be vetoed.  SOPA will cripple innovation and freedom and is a means of big businesses to squash competition.  This link is directly to the president’s office and is Obama’s official petition.  Please raise your hand and be counted.  This is a critical protection of our freedom.  It is very encouraging to see our government finally entering the digital age

I decided to work from home today.  There is nothing whatsoever going on at the office and no reason for me to be there.  I’m trying to figure out if I should head down to Houston early since there is so little going on and I really miss my family.

Late this evening I decided that I really needed to buckle down and complete Dragon Age 2.  I have been putting it off because I am up to a really large battle that is way too much work (I have already died several times trying to get through it) and so I don’t have much incentive to pop in the game and work through it.  But Francesca wants to borrow the game and I am anxious to have it over and done with so I moved Oreo onto the play room couch and we snuggled while I worked my way through the last several battles of the game.

The ending of Dragon Age 2 was, in some ways, a bit of a let down compared to Dragon Age Origins but in other ways it ended with some surprises and is very much setting up the next installment and I have to admit that I am very excited to see where Dragon Age 3 is going to take us.  If Dragon Age 2 is just a setup for the third installment, I am pretty psyched.

I have not played any of the downloadable content for Dragon Age 2 as of yet.  There are basically three small expansions and I am unsure whether or not I will decide to play them all.  I know that I definitely want to play Legacy as it expands on the main story or at least on the main character.  I am less inclined to pay to play Exiled Prince and Mark of the Assassin but as the second one leads to the new webseries, I might just have to play it.

I am very happy to have completed another video game.  It is so rare that I fully complete one that it is a bit of a momentous occasion.  My plan now is to move on to Mass Effect, which I already own, on the 360.  At the very least I want Oblivion and Mass Effect completed before I make any attempt to undertake Skyrim.  I figure that Mass Effect will keep me busy into spring at the very least since I have not even started the game yet at this point.  Mass Effect is made by BioWare, the same people as Dragon Age.

After finishing the game I continued working for a little while and finally gave up around one in the morning.  I put on the Hudson and Day classic Lover Come Back and did some work on building a Solaris storage server.  After that I watched some of the beginning of Down with Love which is heavily based on Lover Come Back but filmed forty years later.  It was about three when Oreo and I finally went to bed.

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