December 20, 2011: Back to Rails

Medifast Status: Day 231, Down ~72lbs

Found this awesome video from OSCON 2010.  Not a convention that I normally suggest that people outside of the industry attend but this particular talk by Paul Fenwick on the world’s worst inventions shows just how enjoyable these conferences can be.

Today is day two of my week of bachelorhood.  Oreo is always super snuggly when I am the only one home.  Luckily I have a bit of flexibility to sleep in this week since even if I get up late I can just run out the door.

I listened to some IT Conversations on the drive in to the office this morning.  For months now I have been listening to music while commuting rather than books or podcasts and that is like eating junk food all of the time.  Tastes good right at that moment but you don’t feel all that great after doing it for a long time.

Work is so slow.  There is just nothing going on.  I can go for hours without getting a single email.  The office is pretty much empty.  I am just going to stay home tomorrow.  Really no need to be in the office.  Oreo will like having me around all day.

For lunch I first had a quick Medifast appointment and then just went home and took care of Oreo and did a little work around the house and then returned to the office.

I spent the afternoon working on teaching myself Ruby on Rails.  I’ve done Rails work before, but it has been a long time and there have been some massively significant upgrades to the platform in that time.  So I am working through learning the latest Rails 3.1 framework and Ruby 1.9.  A lot has changed since I last used it so I am going through a large scale tutorial trying to really learn each step as I go.

After work, which I left just before five, I drove up to Brookhaven and did dinner out all alone.  It was kids night, so pretty weird to be eating alone.  I would have opted to eat in the Five Five rather than in The Grille but being in my work attire meant that I was not appropriately dressed for the Five Five so I just hung out with all of the kids running around.  The chef’s table this evening was very meat heavy and not well suited to me at all so I just got a salad with grilled salmon.  I ate pretty quickly and headed home a bit before six thirty.

I got home and spent most of the evening just hanging out with Oreo.  I did a ton of Ruby on Rails programming.  I got a little more of the house cleaned up too.  I did all of the dishes today and some more spot cleaning on the carpets.

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