December 26, 2011: Recovery Day

Medifast Status: Day 237, Down ~72lbs

Today is Monday and because of when the holiday fell I get today off of work so I am able to stick around in Houston for a while before going back up to Dallas.  Really I could stay down all week but there is stuff to be done at home and Oreo really needs his quiet time.  He thrives when he is able to be alone and sleep all day without anyone interrupting him. His one eye is really looking bad and he needs to make a trip to the vet as soon as we can get him in.

This evening we all went out to dinner at Saltgrass for Dominica’s mom’s birthday which is actually tomorrow but not everyone could make it tomorrow.  Dinner was quite good.  I got coconut shrimp which was quite tasty.  This was Dominica and my first time going to a Saltgrass.  The food was good, nothing amazing but not bad, but I must say that the customer service was excellent.  Good enough that even though I am writing this blog post weeks later it stands out in my mind how impressed that I was with their customer service while we were there.  I would go back there just because of that.

Tomorrow I will be working from Joe and Britt’s house with Oreo during the day and will be driving back to Dallas in the evening.

Tonight I finished reading “The Great Age of Discovery” which I have been reading for some time.  This is book number two that I have completed during the holidays.  I learned a lot of South American and Central American recent history from this book.  Not areas that I know very well.

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