December 27, 2011: Oreo and I Return to Carrollton

Medifast Status: Day 238, Down ~72lbs

I got up this morning and worked from Joe and Britt’s house all day.  Dominica and the girls went to the Grices’ and went shopping.  Oreo needed a quiet day and I needed to work a little today.  There was extremely little going on at the office but we figured that there would be no real way for me to get work done so we just stayed there.  It was mostly a lonely day.

Around four I packed up the Mazda with everything that I would need to have for the week and drove Oreo over to the Grices’ where we had dinner and Dominica’s mother’s birthday cake.  It was fairly late when Oreo and I were able to get on to the road to drive north.

Having finished my last book yesterday, today I selected and read “The Book of General Ignorance“, also on Audible, on my long, lonely drive up to Carrollton.  The drive went fine.  Nothing to report there.

Because I have to take Oreo to the office tomorrow I will be working from home and getting some time in at the house.

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