December 29, 2011: Ten Inches

Medifast Status: Day 240, Down ~72lbs

I worked from home again today.  Work is just so slow that there is no need for me to go in to the office.  I spent most of the day continuing to play Mass Effect alternating with some hard core carpet cleaning.  The carpet cleaning is coming along well and the areas that I cleaned yesterday are very obviously large clean spots on the floor.  It is working well but you cannot do just single spots.  Once you start you really have to be committed to finishing the project.

I got in a lot of time on Mass Effect today taking my total playing time well over twenty hours by the time that I turned it off to go to bed.  Oreo thought that it was great just snuggling away with me on the couch while I played.  As I get deeper in to the game the story continues to improve.  It is very obvious that this is the same team that made Dragon Age.

I ran out to Target today and did a little shopping.  I had some basic supplies that I needed.  I picked up a new pair of jeans while I was out.  I am now down to a 34″ waist.  When I first started my diet I was wearing a 44″ waist!  That is some amazing progress.  Ten inches lost!

For dinner this evening I went out, alone, to Brookhaven.  I attempted to order a Salmon Cobb Salad but there was a mistake hearing what I said and I ended up with a Salmon Club Sandwich instead which turned out to be an awesome mistake.  That was delicious.  I am not supposed to have bread on my diet but since they had made the mistake and I didn’t want to get anyone into any trouble I just ate it and it was so good.  I would never have thought of using salmon like that but it really works perfectly.  This might have been the best club sandwich that I have ever had.  It just worked perfectly.  I put some thousand island dressing on it too which really worked well.

I finished reading “Wicked Plants” and started reading “Mass Effect: Revelation” which is a prequel to the video game.  I was really excited to find that that book was available on Audible.  It turns out that all of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age novels are on Audible.  I would never have even thought to look for them there.  That is awesome.  I rarely, if ever, stop and take the time to read a novel but as I really get into video game stories – as I treat video games like a form of interactive literature – they are an exception to the normal rule and I would like to read them, often.  But normally I only read technical books in print and everything else is through Audible.  Since these are available on Audible I will certainly be reading them all now.  For Mass Effect, for example, there is a book that comes before each of the games.  So I am reading the first one now before I complete the first game.  As soon as I finish the first game I plan to go on and read the next book in the series.

The third Mass Effect video game is due to release on March 6th.  I hope to have all of the books read and the first two games completed prior to the release date.  I doubt that I will buy the game right when it releases, but I want the option and at least want to have the older titles out of the way.

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