December 30, 2011: Fake New Year’s Eve

Medifast Status: Day 241, Down ~72lbs

I went in to the office this morning.  Insanely slow today.  Just nothing going on.  For lunch I went up to Brookhaven with Nicki.  It was her first time getting to see our new club.  After lunch we swung in to the house to let Oreo out.

I left work a little early so that I could pack up the car and get on to the road to go down to Houston for the New Year’s weekend.  I got to the house and found that Oreo had had a huge accident in the living room and I had to spend the better part of an hour cleaning it up.  What a mess.  That was no fun.  So I was rushing to get the car packed and to get Oreo and I out the door after dealing with that.

I finished reading “Mass Effect: Revelation” on the drive down and started listening to “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” which is pretty interesting.  The book looks at how beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea and cola have played a role in the development of civilization as we know it.

It was around ten thirty when I arrived in League City.  Apparently my Google Lattitude was working because I was just around the corner from Francesca’s house when my phone rang and Dominica said “I see you on Lattitude down the street, we are at Joe’s so just drive on down here.”  That is handy that they can see where I am all of the time.

Everyone was having a New Year’s Eve Eve party tonight.  They were drinking and playing silly board games.  I spent over an hour taking care of Oreo as he needed to eat and was having a panic attack.  I never really got to hang out with anyone tonight.  Oreo really needed me all evening.

We were not up particularly late.  Maybe one in the morning.  Luciana was long since asleep when I arrived but Liesl, being the party animal and night owl, was still up playing with Garrett for a while and was very excited to see me again.  I got to read her her bedtime stories tonight like I normally do.  Her bedtime routine is primarily me reading her several books each night now.

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