December 31, 2011: The End of 2011

Medifast Status: Day 242, Down ~72lbs

This past year has been the year of the new house and the new car and, of course, the new baby.  A pretty big year for us.  Technically we bought the house in 2010 but only barely and we were in New York almost immediately after doing so so it really felt like this year when we finally moved in.  Technically the GMC Acadia was from 2010 as well, but only just barely.

It is really hard, now, to remember that Dominica was pregnant at the start of 2011.  Remembering that we had Luciana is easy, but I don’t really remember Dominica being pregnant leading up to it.  That is very odd.  She was pregnant for a third of the year.  That seems so distant.

What is possibly the most amazing thing is that 2011 was the year of work being done on the house.  The new house was pretty much under constant construction for the entire year.  We’ve had contractors working on the house since January and some of them haven’t been heard from in half a year even though we still have their ladder in our back yard.  Anyone want to buy a ladder?  The work that was started then is still not completed and we have been living with that half finished work all of this time which is pretty ridiculous.  This was also the year of attempting to buy the house next door.  That sucked up several months.

We had a casual evening playing some board games and going to bed early.  We are all pretty tired.

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