January 15, 2012: Francesca Tries Indian Cuisine

Medifast Status: Day 257, Down ~73lbs

We had talked about maybe doing brunch this morning at Brookhaven but everyone decided against it.  So we just stayed at home instead.

Emily and I managed to get a start on her diorama today.  This took a bit of work, partially because we did not have the proper base on which to do it so that made for a lot of extra effort.  We built the frame of the diorama and used packing tape to secure it to a folder microwave box.  A pretty silly way to go about modeling a waterfront but it did the trick and is very solid, if not attractive.

Emily enjoyed doing the plaster work to form the diorama.  She has never worked with plaster before, and admittedly I have barely worked with it myself, and thought that that was fun.  Doing plaster work is one of my favourite parts of modeling as well and I think that I am pretty decent at doing it.  It has been years since I had the chance to do this.  If I remember correctly, the last time that I managed to do model railroading was back when Dominica and I were living in Peekskill.  We modeled a vignette while watching the BBC show Waiting for God.  Isn’t it funny the things that get connected in your mind?

For lunch today we took the Grices to Ruchi Palace for Indian food.  Francesca has been wanting to try Indian for a very long time and they had a buffet on today so we decided to throw our diets to the wind and head there.

Lunch was excellent.  There was a ton of good food on the buffet including a lot of good vegetarian.  Dominica and I really enjoyed our lunches.  Francesca liked hers but found nearly everything to be too spicy and she was unable to eat very much of it. Emily does not like to try new foods and would eat almost nothing except for a little bit of naan.

This evening, pretty late, Dominica and Francesca went out to the movie theatre to see Breaking Dawn which is one of the Twilight movies that I refuse to associate with in any way.  Emily and I stayed home to watch the kids.

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