January 14, 2012: Trying Model Railroading with Emily

Medifast Status: Day 256, Down ~73lbs

The Grice family is staying with us this weekend.  Dominica and I slept with Luciana in our room last night for the first time in many months.  I have gotten used to her having her own room.  We got to hear first hand just how much she talks in her sleep.  It is really hard to sleep with her in the same room.

With our bed moved to the north side of the room and sleeping with our heads against that wall we could hear Liesl especially well through the air vent too.  I was surprised to discover that she appears to talk in her sleep.  I went in to check on her multiple times and she was always fast asleep.  But at one point she was talking quite clearly.

For lunch today Francesca and I went to Brookhaven and got takeout for the family.  This was her first time seeing the club in daylight.  It is a very different experience during the day.  We got there at two and they were just taking the chef’s table down so we had to order normal food.  It was a gorgeous day and the golf courses were very busy.

This afternoon Emily and I went out to do some shopping.  We hit Lowe’s and picked up paint for Dominica and my bedroom.  Dominica finally decided that we could do an Indiana Clay accent wall to the west (behind us when we sleep) and Crab Bisque on the other three walls.  I really like these colours.  She is not convinced.  We will see.  She said that if Emily and I went out and bought paint today that she would get to work painting the room right away.

After Lowe’s we also went to Hobby Lobby, to which I have never before previously.  They have a ton of stuff there, way more than any hobby shop I have ever seen.  And their decorating selection is quite impressive.

Hobby Lobby had some basic modeling kits from Woodland Scenics that we were interested in.  Emily thinks that model railroading sounds interesting so we are giving it a try.  She has never seen a model railroad before, I don’t believe.  But given the crafts that she enjoys I would be surprised to find that she does not find it entertaining.

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