January 17, 2012: Clean House, Late Night

Medifast Status: Day 259, Down ~73lbs

I woke up this morning at ten till six all of my own accord.  I find it hard to believe that my body thought that I had gotten enough sleep but I wasn’t really very tired.  Maybe having the windows open made me sleep a lot better.  I snuggled with Oreo for a little while and then just got up and showered and got ready for work.

When I got out of the shower I noticed that Liesl had moved into our bed and was snuggling between Dominica and Oreo.  I don’t believe that she was there before so she must have woken up and had a nightmare or something and come in there.  They were all fast asleep so I never found out why she was there.

I did a little work from home this morning, mostly doing some SharePoint work that I needed to do from there.  That was maybe forty-five minutes at most.  I made some coffee, wrapped up my work and headed in to the office at eight thirty.

On the way in to work today I finished reading “That’s Not In My American History Book” and got back to working my way painfully through “On the Road.”  As I listen to it I found “On the Road” improving, but not very much.

It is colder again today after a very warm weekend.  It was so warm that we comfortably slept with the windows open last night. Today we are looking at the possibility of frost again.  Quite the jump in temperature.

I came home for lunch as usual and spent some time with the girls.  I pretty much come home every day now.  It is extremely rare that I eat at work or go out on my own.  Maybe once every other week at most.  I am more likely to work through lunch than to voluntarily do anything other than going home to see Liesl and Luciana.

I got home at a good time this evening and we did some house keeping.  The place is really looking great and we seem to be doing really well at keeping up with it these days.

We just hung out at home tonight.  Thankfully nothing big planned.  We ended up staying up pretty late hanging out, we probably should have gone to bed long before we actually did.  I got paged out several times tonight starting around eleven o’clock and going until about two thirty in the morning.  We are going to be tired tomorrow but at least they cannot expect me to be in the office.

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