January 18, 2012: Puzzling Liesl

Medifast Status: Day 260, Down ~73lbs

Dominica and I were both exceptionally tired today.  We got very little sleep and Liesl got us up this morning so there was no sleeping in to make up for it.  Well, maybe about half an hour of sleeping in but that is not very much.

Since I had worked for several hours last night I just worked from home today.  Going in to the office would have been onerous given how tired I was and I needed to be on conference calls early this morning so there was no time to shower and commute in.

I managed to do a lot of critical work on SharePoint today and am very happy with my progress.  I am really liking SharePoint 2010 Enterprise so far.  There are a ton of really cool features in there and I am just getting started too.

We did very little today.  We were just too tired.  I played with the girls a lot.  Liesl has been doing puzzles more and more and today she managed to do her Wizard of Oz puzzle that we have done a few times since Christmas almost entirely by herself.  I help her get started and I did one piece for her and I helped her put large sections of the puzzle together but as far as actually finding where each piece went… she did that all on her own.  I am very impressed.

We watched a bit of How I Met Your Mother tonight, but we went to bed at a pretty reasonable time.  We need some sleep.

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