January 2, 2012: Dominica Comes Home

Medifast Status: Day 244, Down ~72lbs

Today is Monday but because of when the New Year’s holiday fell today is a day off from work.  Banks are closed today.  Yay!  Dominica and the girls are driving up from Houston this morning.

I did some more floor cleaning and general cleaning around the house to get ready for Dominica to come home.  The floor is really looking good in the living room now and I got the kitchen all cleaned too.  The house is at record clean levels.

I listened to a little more of “On the Road” but could take no more and decided to take a break from the book and listened to most of Janet Evanovich’s “High Five“, the fifth book in the Stephanie Plum novels.  These are very entertaining novels and one of the few “light” novels that I let myself read along with the Kinsey Milhoune mysteries of which I have read all but the latest.  Sadly by Audible version of “High Five” is only available in abridged so I get the much shorter version of the story.  I hate when they do that.  Normally both versions are available but for some of the early Stephani Plum novels there is no unabridged option.  It is only a few of the many books, at least.

Dominica and the girls got home pretty early on.  They made good time and had no issues on the drive – other than the car smelling of spilled milk laced with onions.  The car kind of reeks at this point.  Dominica has the car covered in baking soda but it is not doing very much to soak up the smell.  This is going to require a rather thorough cleaning project.

Dominica was really impressed with how great the house looks.  I did both a lot of organizing as well as a lot of actual cleaning.  Liesl loves having the living room empty so that she can just run around and use the space freely.  Now that Luciana is crawling having an expansive, clean floor surface will be important too.

We were lazy today and decided to just get Panda Express as our last horrah to our time off from our diets.  We watched some Hulu Plus and relaxed.  Finally at home, just our family.  Liesl has been ready to come home for some time.  For days she has been saying that she wanted to come home.  She misses her house, her routine and her stuff.  She has a lot of toys and when she is at home she regularly rotates through them so being away from home there is no way for us to bring anywhere near as many toys as she is likely to want to use during that time frame.

Liesl and I took advantage of the open living room floor to do a large Dora the Explorer floor puzzle together.  Liesl thought that that was great fun.  She loves puzzles and doing a large one on the floor was very cool.  It is a real puzzle so very hard for a three year old to do but she did surprisingly well, I think, in helping me to put it together.  She puts the pieces together herself and can match many of them.

Tomorrow I am back to work.  The holidays are over but we have one week of the freeze left so this week will be completely slow.  Probably the slowest week of the entire year.  I will be in the office tomorrow but may be home much of the week other than that.

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