January 3, 2012: Mazda Moved to Texas

Medifast Status: Day 245, Down ~72lbs

I got to sleep in just a little this morning because I wanted to go to the Denton County tax office and get the Mazda transferred from New York to Texas.  The office opens at nine, I believe, so I did not have to get up all that early to get in there.

The line was not too bad at the tax office when they opened this morning although the parking lot was completely full.  It took me about two hours to get everything done that I needed to do including getting my insurance switched from New York to Texas officially.  So now the Mazda is officially Texan.  Now that we have that done our next task is to get Dominica and my driver’s licenses switched from New York to Texas.  That requires more paperwork than I have at hand so I need Dominica to dig that up so that we can deal with that.  That is for another day and is done at the DMV rather than at the county tax office.

I finished reading “High Five” this morning and started reading “That’s Not In My American History Book” while I was waiting to get all of the paperwork done for the car.

I went home and ended up just staying there until after lunch since it was so late by the time that I was done getting the car taken care of.  Then I went in to the office this afternoon.

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