January 20, 2012: Beautiful Weather

Medifast Status: Day 262, Down ~73lbs (27lbs to go)

The weather has been absolutely amazing in Texas the last two days.  It was seventy degrees yesterday and today is set to be even warmer yet.  Amazing.

I took the Mazda into the shop this morning to have the taillight that is out fixed and to have the new Texas plates swapped on.  Finally I can feel safe driving it again.  John drove with me as he had to get his car inspected too while we were out.

I went to Medifast today and had a better weigh in than I had been expecting, only half a pound up from last week.  But I knew that today was going to be a bad weigh in, sometimes that just happens.  I’m feeling good about coming in low next week.

My Medifast appointment ended up taking so long that I skipped lunch and just had Medifast meals and went back to the office.  That way I can eat dinner with Dominica tonight, save a few dollars and most likely have a far leaner meal than I would have had otherwise.  Probably for the best.  I really need to get solidly back on to the diet plan.  I do not have that much farther to go, I need to push through and get to the end.  I am 73% of the way to my goal weight.  I can do it.  That will not take that much longer.  I just need to stay focused.

This evening was a light deployment load at the office.  Not bad at all.  I managed to wrap up an article that I was working on today too and submitted it for publication.  Hopefully it gets accepted.  I’ve been very lax in my writing over the last few months and I really need to get that back on track.  My latest article was nearly three thousand words.

I managed to leave work at a quarter after five which is completely amazing for a Friday night.  We stayed in tonight, had a nice, healthy dinner and watched a bit of How I Met Your Mother.

It was a quiet night.  Dominica wanted to stay in, I felt like hanging out with some friends.  After the girls were asleep she talked online, posted, watched some television.  I went out and got a drink… but didn’t drink.  Trying to stay away from alcohol per my diet, although that is hard.  I end up taking in way too much caffeine because I substitute caffeine products like coffee, energy drinks and sometimes tea or soda.  I’m sure that the alcohol would be far better for me.

We are working hard to get our diets back on track, though, so trying to curb that as much as possible.

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