January 21, 2012: Ashley’s Diaper Drop

Medifast Status: Day 263, Down ~73lbs (27lbs to go)

The weekend is here.  We all slept in a bit this morning, but not too much.  We are long past the age of really sleeping in.  Now sleeping in means sleeping until Liesl demands that we get up.  Liesl is the morning child.  She gets up like clockwork and when she is awake she is awake.  And that is that.

Liesl’s new thing is to get herself up and come into our bedroom and stand at the side of the bed pestering us until we get up and take care of her morning routine which includes turning on Dinosaur Train and getting her a drink of Walmart’s own version of chocolate pediasure which she likes to refer to as “purple chocolate milk.”

Early in the afternoon we packed up the girls and drove on out to Arlington to go to Ashley’s diaper drop.  Ashley has just moved back home to Texas from Virginia and the baby is due in the next month.  We were there for about two and a half hours.  We ate dinner there at the party and cheated a little on the diet.  Liesl loved some turtle cake balls and ate an astounding amount of them.

Liesl had a lot of fun playing with the kids.  She loves going out and meeting new people.  Luciana had a lot of fun too and was awake the entire time.  She spent the party getting passed around from person to person.  She, like her older sister, is a social butterfly and just loves getting to be with new people.  As long as there are people with her, she is happy.

Once we were home both girls went down for their naps.  They were both really tired.  Pool Liesl was so tired that she passed out in the car on the way home, was carried in and put into our bed because her bed was stripped as it was being washed and so slept the afternoon away while still wearing her coat.  I ended up, late in the evening, carrying her into her own bed and she slept the entire night long with her coat still on!   Luciana, likewise, pretty much fell asleep in the late afternoon and was gone for the entire evening.  They really got worn out at the diaper drop.  Playing with the other kids, skipping the normal naps and seeing so many new people really wears them out.

It was a quiet evening with the girls in bed all night.  We didn’t really watch much of anything tonight.  We did some cleaning and some work on our computers.  Had some coffee. Overall it was an early night.  The kids aren’t the only ones that are tired.

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