February 1, 2012: Fully Stocked

Medifast Status: Day 274, Down ~74.5lbs (26lbs to go)

I am feeling much better today and went in to work this morning.  I held back and worked from home for about an hour to give myself time to feel sick before making a final determination but by nine thirty I could tell that I felt fine and was in the office by around ten.  I often don’t feel sick when I first get up so giving it an extra hour often gives me a chance to figure out if I am going to be sick or not.

I came home at lunch, a little late knowing that I was going to be at home a little late, and did one phone call after another for a couple of hours.  It was a crazy mid-day for me.

At two Dominica had an appointment at the salon so I was home watching the girls for what we thought would only be twenty or thirty minutes but turned into over an hour putting me into a bit of a rush to get back to the office when she returned.

The office was dead this afternoon and Dan and I decided to make a run to Centennial on the Northwest Highway to stock up on bar supplies.  I have a pretty complete set of the more traditional base items for a bar but need the schnapps and liqueurs often used for flavouring.  Without them so many of the drinks that people expect a bar to be able to make just cannot be done.  It is rather amazing how many drinks this includes.  You need far, far more different types and specialty drinks to make so many everyday cocktails.  I never realized.  At least all of the stuff that I need now is the really cheap stuff.

I went back to work but everything was dead so I went home at a good time.  I swung into Brookhaven on my way home and grabbed dinner to take home.  That was quick and easy.  It is too bad that we cannot eat potatoes because today’s chef’s table was the baked potato bar that looked awesome.

We watched a couple episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise this evening.  Now that we are into the normal  episodes it is a little bit better than it seemed to be in the pilot but only a little.  Overall the show is weak compared to its predecessors and is not grabbing us much at all.  Dominica is really not into it.  I am only moderately interested.  It just lacks something that TNG and Voyager had.

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