January 31, 2012: Enterprise

Medifast Status: Day 273, Down ~74.5lbs (26lbs to go)

I stayed at home today after going home sick from work yesterday halfway through the day.  I did feel somewhat better today but not well enough to go in to the office and sit there being sick all day.  There was no reason to do that.  Yesterday afternoon was the only time that I felt really, completely awful.  Today it is more of a slight sinus infection with eye irritation.  I am sure that I will be all cleared up by tomorrow.

The weather has been just crazy awesome this week.  We opened the windows yesterday and are even leaving them open at night.  It is February and we are getting fresh air in the house.  Amazing.

FireFox 10 came out today.  I already have it installed.  So far… I can’t tell a difference.

I put in some time paying the bills today.  We are starting to get caught up after the furlough of the fall.  It is painful but we are getting back on our feet.

This afternoon Oreo had a vet appointment.  His vet is happy with his progress and he is going on to a very different medicine regimen now.

Dominica did not feel like going anywhere today but I wanted to get dinner from Brookhaven so I drove down there and got the buffet (chef’s table) for Dominica and I and the usual kids’ selection for Liesl.  Liesl always gets cheese pizza, broccoli and a cupcake.  For us tonight it was creole style fried fish and fried green tomatoes and giant salads with blackened shrimp.  In reality we should have foregone the fish and tomatoes and just gotten even larger salads which were healthier and absolute delicious.

Tonight we began watching Star Trek: Enterprise.  We only watched the first episode which, as expected, was a double header.  We ate dinner while we watched.  It wasn’t bad, the premise is that this series takes place one generation prior to the original series which is kind of interesting to see the take on “how it all began.”  The first episode failed to really grab us, though.  It doesn’t have the same feel that made TNG and Voyager so good.  We will give it a chance but it isn’t looking to be so much a classic as a “for fans only” kind of series.  This is our last series of Star Trek.  After we work through these ninety six episodes we will have seen every episode of every Star Trek series.  Each series, at least at one point, watched completely in order from beginning to end.

We are kind of hard core like that.

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