February 11, 2012: Ruby on Rails Day

Medifast Status: Day 284, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

I slept in until ten this morning.  That is not something that I can do when the kids are here.  Liesl has become my organic alarm clock.  She wakes up at almost exactly eight o’clock every morning and now that she knows that she is allowed to get out of bed on her own she does so.  But she wants other people to be awake too.  So Liesl gets out of bed and comes in to our room and stands right in front of my face and wakes me up every morning.  That makes sleeping in very hard.  She has a routine.  Wake up, scare the crap out of daddy, have daddy turn on a show for her to watch and have daddy retrieve for her her morning’s “chocolate milk” – chocolate flavoured Pediasure.

I got to work straight away this morning on working on teaching myself Rails 3.2 which I had set aside this weekend to do since I would be home sans interruptions for nearly two and a half days.  As always happens when I do something like this – disaster strikes.  I know that there was a similar long weekend sometime in the not too distant past where I was doing something similar and a ridiculous amount of crap happened causing me to not get to do what I had been planning to do at all.  Well this weekend is no different.  It started last night with the hard drives in the server that I was working on dying on me causing me to lose many hours of work and effectively scrapping my Friday evening altogether.

I managed to get in quite a bit of Rails time today which was nice.  But I did not get the solid time to work on it that I had been so looking forward to having this weekend.  I ended up getting stuck working on PBX security and reprovisioning issues that ate up a huge chunk of my day.  That was not fun.

I did a little cleaning today, mostly dishes in the kitchen and running the Rug Doctor in the play room.  I did quite a bit of exercising today too, especially with the ab roller and my new dumbbells.

After being stuck working on things that I did not want to work on all day I took some time late into the night to work on my Ruby on Rails tutorial project.  I got a ton of stuff done but I had to stay up until three in the morning in order to do it.  I was pretty tired when I grabbed Oreo and retired for the night.

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