February 12, 2012: PBX Sunday

Medifast Status: Day 285, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

What a disaster of a day.  I started off with getting paged out at seven in the morning.  I got up and worked for a while but was so tired that it was straight back to bed for me.  Oreo appreciated that I came back to bed.  We snuggled for another four hours.  I’m sure that he liked that a lot.  He got back under the covers and acted like I never left.

I really needed the sleep both after working so hard yesterday and getting to bed so late.  It was afternoon when I finally got up.  I checked my phone and Dominica and the girls had left Houston before nine this morning so they would be rolling in in the not too distant future.  So I got up and hit the shower.  It might seem like I slept a really long time but when you take into account when I went to bed and that I got up in the middle to work for a while it turns out that yes, I got a full night’s sleep, but no, I did not get even nine hours.  So hardly a dramatic case of sleeping in.

Dominica called to say that she was home whilst I was still showering.  I got out and got dressed and helped her unpack the car.  The girls were really happy to see me and I them.  Liesl had to tell me all about her trip and Luciana just wanted me to hold her and hold her.

Pretty much my entire day ended up being consumed by working on the phone systems still from yesterday.  That sucked a lot.  I had been hoping to have a nice, fun day and get to spend it working on my Ruby on Rails project but no such luck.  I never even made it to my desk – not once all day.  I set up in the playroom so that at least I could be near to the family and I worked from there all day.  And by all day I really mean it, from the moment I got out of the shower and was done getting everyone into the house until one o’clock in the morning.  That was all that I did.

While I worked Liesl and Luciana played and Dominica and I put on the oldish television show Grounded for Life which failed to be a classic but wasn’t a bad sitcom from the early 2000s.  It’s entertaining and it is our kind of show.  It makes a good example of a generic sitcom of the era.  Very middle of the road.  Good to have on in the background.

We really did nothing else today.  The day was completely consumed by the telephony project that needed my undivided attention.  No fun at all.

Luciana has a cold that she picked up in Houston this weekend.  She is still happy, just a very runny nose.

Liesl was very glad to have her daddy back to read to her her bedtime stories again.  I offered to read her one long story and she said “No, daddy, three books” and held up the appropriate number of fingers.  Too cute to resist.

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