February 14, 2012: Luciana’s First Valentine’s Day

Medifast Status: Day 287, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

Work was insanely busy today.  So busy that I did not even get a chance to leave for lunch.  And I got stuck late at the end of the day.  Not a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day.

It was an exhausting day.  Running from one thing to another and never getting a chance to relax.  In the middle of the afternoon I ran over to the gas station across the street just to get diet Mountain Dew and some almonds to eat at my desk as my food for the day.  I had been planning on going home at lunch and getting something to eat there but I was just so busy that I never managed to leave the office.

We made reservations to go to Brookhaven this evening for their kids’ night special event in the main clubhouse.  But I got stuck at work late.  I had already buffered knowing that I couldn’t get out when I wanted but I figured since we can often get there at a quarter after five on Tuesday nights that we would be safe scheduling for six.  Nope.  We ended up arriving at seven – with only minutes to spare for the kids’ activities.  Had we been just ten minutes later we would have missed the show and that would have been really sad because Liesl had the most amazing time.

For the kids they did a marionette show with a real puppeteer from puppetry.org.  Liesl thought that this was really awesome.  I took her up to sit on the floor with all of the other kids, there were twenty or more easily, but she was probably the youngest so I sat on the floor with her and she sat on my lap.  This was the first live show of this nature that she has ever seen so this was really novel for her.  She had so much fun.  She was riveted to the whole thing.  It was so adorable watching her watch the show.  We are so glad that we made it out for this tonight.  This was perfect.

After the puppet show Liesl went and did facepainting.  She got a unicorn on her cheek.  She was very excited about that.

Dinner was good but very much cheating for our diet.  There was almost no protein for us which was tough so I ended up having two salads and some pasta.  We cheated and got some dessert too.  But the food was good, just not as healthy as it should have been.  I will likely be fasting tomorrow to pay for this.

Luciana had a good time but we were so late getting to Brookhaven that she was exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep for the last half an hour that we were there.  She tried eating a cupcake tonight, well, the frosting at least.  She shared one with Dominica.  Luciana had fun overall and she did come sit and watch some of the puppet show but was much more interested in watching the people and spent much of the time facing backwards trying to get peoples’ attention because that is how she is.

We got home and Luciana was practically asleep in the car which never happens.  Liesl was awake but tired.  She watched one episode of Blue’s Clues and it was right off to bed.  I read her some stories and she was happy to climb into bed and call it a night – still with the unicorn on her cheek.  It was a good evening for a little Liesl.

Dominica and I went straight to bed.  We were both pretty tired.  Today was a really long day.

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