February 13, 2012: More Phone Woes

Medifast Status: Day 286, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

My “tight” 34″ jeans that I bought recently are starting to get loose now.  I can’t believe it.  I never thought that I would even begin to squeeze into 34″ jeans again and now I have to worry that these may not be the final size of jeans that I will own before my diet is done.  That is crazy.

I got up this morning and, not surprisingly, there were phone issues and I had to jump on that right away.  I worked for probably forty-five minutes, trained Dominica on some stuff and then got showered, dressed and drove in to the office.

I came home for lunch and spent the entire time doing more phone work but, when my lunch break was done, it appeared that everything was finally working the way that it should be and, it would appear, that there are no more pressing issues.  Pheww.  Four days is too long to be working on a project like that.

After lunch the remaining issues seem to have been resolved, at least for the moment.  So back to the office with me.

I had a very short evening between getting out of work and having a dinner meeting.  So I ran home so that I could get a little bit of time, a little less than two hours, with Liesl and Luciana.  I was home long enough that Luciana went to bed before I left.  Then at seven I drove back down to Las Colinas to meet some people at Sfuzzi to discuss phone systems.

We had a nice dinner, Sfuzzi does an amazing eggplant parm, and were there until probably ten.  Then back home.  Liesl was already asleep when I got home.  Today was a long day following a long weekend.

I went to bed on the early side.  Dominica stayed up later without me.

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