February 3, 2012: US Employment Numbers Up

Medifast Status: Day 276, Down ~74.5lbs (26lbs to go)

I was dragging when I pulled myself out of bed at six this morning.  I showered and got into the office for Non-Farm Payroll.  Really good numbers this morning.  Very good and far better than expected.  It would appear, at least according to unemployment, that the US economy is really making a recovery.  One good month only does so much but this was one amazing month.

Overall today was pretty slow which was great for a Friday.  I went home for lunch and just hung out.  I did not have to stay late today either.  I wasn’t home early but was home before seven, which is nice.

Dominica made dinner and we just ate at home and spent the evening together as a family.  I have a lot of work that I want to get done this weekend so even though we don’t have any big plans this is going to be one of my big “catching up” weekends although I plan to spend a lot of time with the girls since they are going to be out of town next weekend.  They are going to be going to Houston and I will be staying home – so in theory I should be able to be really productive during that time.  Just Oreo and I with nothing in particular to do although Dominica does want me to steam clean the playroom carpeting while they are gone.  It really needs it.

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