February 4, 2012: Liesl Is Grounded

Medifast Status: Day 277, Down ~74.5lbs (26lbs to go)

This morning we were supposed to be going to Brookhaven for our “new members introduction” meeting.  So I got up early at seven thirty and worked for a bit so that I would be able to go.  Today is a really busy day so I had to get some stuff out of the way.

While trying to get ready to go Liesl was throwing a bit of a fit and just kept getting into more and more trouble.  We finally got loaded up in the car but she wouldn’t stop and we decided that we just couldn’t make it happen.  So we unloaded the car and went back into the house.

Liesl was having such a bad day that we had to figure out something new.  I decided that she is old enough to begin to understand being grounded so today she got grounded from all of her electronics including the “television”, iPad and her LeapPad.  She understood that she was in trouble and that this was her punishment.  So this will be a big experiment for us.

Liesl ended up spending the rest of the day being perfectly wonderful.  She played quietly all day and was quite the little angel.  She spent a lot of time hanging out with us too. So the grounding seems to have worked really well.  It had a positive effect on her all day and she seems to have really understood that this was her punishment and why it was happening.  She never asked to use any of her devices all day either – so it really seems to have stuck with her.

I got a lot of work done today.  I was quite productive.  I had a lot of work that has piled up and I was determined to play some catch up and get this backlog out of the way.  I didn’t finish it all today but I got a big majority of things wiped out and I feel pretty good about it.

We’ve been watching the sitcom Melissa & Joey which isn’t great but it isn’t bad.  Very much a generic sitcom but we like the people that are in it and it is good for just having on in the background because if we miss some of it we really don’t care.  We discovered it because it was “just on” one day when we were at La Cima several months ago so we knew about it and knew that it had people that we liked so when we found it on Hulu Plus we decided to just give it a try and we have made it most of the way through the first (and so far only) season.

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