February 22, 2012: Dad Comes to Texas

Medifast Status: Day 295, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

We were pretty tired this morning.  The last several days have really been exhausting as we tried to get the house ready for this week and then had the huge SpiceCorps even last night that went until one in the morning.

I had to go to the office today.  I definitely do not want to stay home the day that dad arrives in Texas, that would be a silly time to burn my “at home” time.  So I was in the office all day.

I went home for lunch and helped Dominica with some of the house prep.  There is a lot of clean up to do from the event last night.  That was a lot of people for our little house to handle!

Dad was scheduled to get into DFW on Delta around six so it seemed to just make sense for me to work late and to go directly to the airport from there.  My office is a bit closer to the airport than the house and if I went home I would just be driving in rush hour in time to get there, sit down and immediately leave.

Dad ended up arriving early and I was still in the office when he called!  Oops.  Normally it takes so long to get on the tarmac, taxi, disembark and get to the pick up area that I figured that I had lots and lots of time.  Nope.  Dad was already on his way outside when he called.  So I ran out of the office and drove out to the airport as quickly as I could.  From my office cubicle to Terminal E at DFW is about twenty-five minutes for me.

I picked up dad and we drove back home swinging in to Panda Express on the way.  I have a feeling that dad has been craving Panda Express since he left Texas nine months ago.

We took food back to the house and ate while sitting around the play room.  We did pretty much nothing tonight.  We are all very tired.  Dad especially after his flight.  It went well, though.  He made good time and had a moderate layover in Detroit.  I think that he is happy with the weather that was waiting for him in Texas.  It was really nice and it was snowing, I believe, in Detroit as he went through.

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