February 21, 2012: SpiceCorps DFW at Our Home

Medifast Status: Day 294, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

Dominica and I were exhausted when we woke up this morning.  The painting all weekend really took it out of us.  Today there is a crazy amount of cleaning to do now that the painting is done.  We were unable to really do any cleaning this week because of the painting so the house is actually is pretty rough shape.

I went in to the office this morning but planned on staying home to work this afternoon so that I could help with the immense cleaning tasks.  I came home at lunch but got stuck working the entire time that I was home and then it turned out that I was needed in the office and I had to rush back down to Irving.  Dominica was not very happy.  At least Maggie was planning on coming over early so that she could help Dominica with watching the girls to make it easier to clean the house.

I left work as early as I could and rushed home.  The house really looked amazing.  Dominica did an awesome job of cleaning today.  I immediately got to work digging out tables, cleaning the patio and doing other setup tasks for Dominica.  It was great getting some time to visit with Maggie.  We have not seen her in many months and she has had a gallbladder operation since the last time that we have seen her as well.

It was a mad dash to try to get things done in time for the SpiceCorps event tonight and people started showing up quite a bit earlier than expected and I was not able to get some things that I had wanted to get done, done.  Things like the video camera and streaming feed so that people could watch the event remotely.  It was quite stressful trying to get as much done as we did.

Joe brought over a projector and screen that he set up so that the guys from Unitrends who were sponsoring this evening would have that for their vendor presentation.  It was good that he did, having the projector kind of gave the room a focal point to reduce the “milling about” effect that holding the SpiceCorps in the house sort of engendered.

We had RSVPs for about fifty people and the real world turnout turned out to be roughly thirty four which is a very respectable number as well as a good percentage of those who RSVP’d.  The presentations went well – we had three tonight – and overall I think that people had a good time and the event appears to have been a success.  The use of the house seems to have gone over well.  I think that we will do that again.

The last of the stragglers were still hanging out until around midnight!  We had one casualty that needed to be escorted home so it was around one in the morning when I got back from delivering him back out into the country.

Tomorrow we will be busy trying to get the house ready for dad.  He arrived late afternoon to DFW.

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