February 28, 2012: Attic Plans

Medifast Status: Day 301, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

I stayed home from work today as today is dad’s last full day in Texas so I wanted to make sure that I was able to visit with him.

I took dad up into the attic to show him the work that Art had done up there.  The last time that dad was here the attic was a disaster and unusable.  Now it is great.  Not finished like a room but tons of usable storage spaces, solid floors, etc.  It is a great attic.

While we were up there we started kicking around ideas of what we could do with the other half of the attic that had not been touched yet.  At first I thought that maybe putting in a “secret” office for myself might make sense.  Put a ladder somewhere like in Dominica and my master closet so that I could access it and have an office space tucked away there.  Then we had the idea that we could finish it, put in skylights and make it into a “secret lair” for the girls.  It is directly above their rooms and we could add a stairway in Luciana’s room for access.

The idea seemed kind of crazy as we were saying it but the more we thought about it the better of an idea it seemed.  It is wasted space as it is today.  We think that it might work really well for the girls.  It would give them just tons and tons of storage capacity and a place to put a “media center” that the could share.

So we went down and talked to Dominica about it and she thought that the idea was brilliant and that we should commit to moving forward on that straight away.  We also kicked around the idea of having Liesl and Luciana share a bedroom, this would be Luciana’s current room, and turning Liesl’s current room into a dedicated guest room.  Then the girls would share a sleeping space but have a two story room with tons of space in it.  It would make the house feel like we had another bedroom and be a lot more useful when people come to visit while giving the girls a lot more space and a means to get away from each other while in the same room too.  We are really liking this idea.  Better for the girls, better for the house.  Dominica has been hypothesizing that the girls will likely want to share a room anyway, at least during the years that we will be in this house.

For dinner tonight we went to Brookhaven for kids’ night.  Then it was quickly back home and we watched the fourth installment of Harry Potter.  By the end of this trip dad has now seen half of the Harry Potter movies and he was starting to get into them.  He even wanted us to wait to watch the last four until we could watch them all together.

I’ll be home tomorrow as I am coordinating getting dad to the airport to return to New York.


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