March 14, 2012: Late Post

Medifast Status: Day 316, Down ~77.5lbs (22.5lbs to go)

I had to be up at six this morning so that I could get in to the office for a super early morning global conference call.  I wasn’t able to get out of the house before Liesl awoke at a quarter to seven.  I have no idea why she was up so early but she was crying to go use the bathroom.  So I got her up, helped her to use the bathroom and then set her up in the playroom with some shows on Netflix.  She took her pillow and blanket out there and snuggled up with Madeline who was sleeping on the couch there.

Everyone else was asleep when I left the house.

And that is all that I know.  LOL.  I came back and found the above sitting, waiting to be posted in my system for a full year.  So I went ahead and posted what little bit I had here.  Oh well, can’t get every day.  I actually finished posting this one day on March 15, 2013.

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