March 19, 2012: Liesl Has an Ear Infection

I had a horrible check in at Medifast at nine this morning.  I was up dramatically from last week.  The cheating on the diet must stop.  Last week I was at my all time low and if I work hard at it I can get this diet over and done but staying focused is key.  Dominica has really been off of the wagon and dragging me along with her.  It has really been a struggle recently.

This morning was pretty clear but the weather was supposed to turn on us today.  Texas is nearly as unpredictable as New York but I am far less prepared to read it.  Work was okay today.  I came home for lunch today and Dominica made a lean Medifast meal for us and we watched the first episode of Lie to Me.  Dominica has been telling me about this show for a while.  I like it, very much my kind of show.  Sadly I really did not want to get sucked into another television show; I have vastly too much going on to be watching television.

We all left work just a little early today because we were put under tornado watch in the DFW area and there was an expectation of hail.  I managed to get home before it got very bad.

After I got home we put in just a little time watching more of Lie to Me.  Liesl and Luciana were both asleep when I got home and Liesl slept for a long time.  Dominica said that Liesl had a bad cough and had not been feeling very well so had taken a nap.  Luciana got up like normal.

When Liesl awoke, around seven thirty, she was crying and crying from an ear ache.  She snuggled on my lap for a while until CareNow was able to see her.  So around eight thirty she and I drove to CareNow while Dominica stayed home to take care of Luciana who had gone to bed just before we left.

We ended up having a pretty long and unusual wait at CareNow. Liesl was pretty upset.  She was a little trooper and did a great job waiting as patiently as a little three year old girl can do but by the end she was quietly crying.  While we waiting I got to watch nearly the entirety of Disney’s The Princess Diaries 2.  At least it wasn’t a bad movie.  It helped to pass the time.

Liesl does, indeed, have an ear infection.  Just a mild one.  She she got a prescription and we left CareNow.  We tried to pick up the script on the drive back to the house but the CVS that we first visited was closed already for the night since it was five after ten.  So I decided that I would just come back out again after taking Liesl home to deal with it myself as Liesl really wanted to get home.  I stopped at McDonald’s on the way back and got a medium order of French fries for Liesl as a treat.  She was very happy about that.

I dropped Liesl at home and turned around and headed right back out to find the twenty-four hour CVS.  They were able to fill the prescription pretty quickly.  Then it was back to the house.

Liesl was up until nearly midnight tonight.  She was still eating her French fries, watching Dora the Explorer and snuggled with Dominica in a chair when I got back.  We gave her some medicine and pretty soon she was off to bed.  We read her a “new” book tonight that she had about animals but after reading part of it it was clear that we need to throw the book out.  It is horribly offensive with animals being brutally eaten and killed, commentary about animals needing to eat meat and other references that we don’t necessarily agree with in the first place and absolutely do not feel are appropriate for our three year old daughter to be subjected to.  Beyond the barely veiled agenda the book is pathetic anyway so we don’t feel bad destroying it.  We would donate it but we hardly want to encourage any other children to see this either.

The storm was raging like crazy all evening.  Liesl had fun running between the car and CareNow when we were outside trying to stay dry.  The wind was low so we were able to keep the windows open this evening even though tons of rain was coming down all night.  The thunder was really loud and kept waking Luciana up over and over again but she just laid in bed talking to herself until she fell back asleep so it wasn’t too bad.

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