March 20, 2012: The Dallas Zoo Comes to Brookhaven

I worked from home today.  The rain continued much of the day and it has been pretty cold.  One of our coldest days so far this year and it is the first day of spring.

It was a productive day at home, mostly.  I love staying home on rainy days so that I can get some time to enjoy the weather.

This evening we had reservations to go see the special Dallas Zoo show that came to Brookhaven Country Club.  We left home at five twenty.  The girls, well Liesl at least, were very excited.  Liesl was talking about going to see the zoo at the club all day.  She kept asking what animals were going to be there but as we didn’t know we had to placate her by selling her on the idea of it being a surprise.

We got to the club at a quarter till six which was perfect because it gave us forty five minutes to eat out dinner, which was very good, before the show was scheduled to begin.  Dinner was quite good.  There was poached salmon which even Dominica liked, eggplant Parmesan, fettuccine Alfredo, a very oniony salad and many items for the non-vegetarians as well.  We did pretty well.  Liesl liked that fish sticks were added to the kids buffet choices today too although she was unable to eat much of anything as she was so excited waiting for the zoo show to begin.

At six thirty I took Liesl in and she sat on my lap on the floor to watch the show.  She was so excited that she was bouncing upside down.  She did an excellent job keeping still and obeying the zookeeper’s instructions throughout the show.  She was quiet and mostly stayed seated.

They had a lot more animals than we would have guessed.  They had an owl, a South American armadillo, a two toed sloth, a large constrictor, a scarlet macaw, an American alligator and an African penguin.  Maybe they had more but those are the ones that I remember.  It was a really good lineup and all of the kids really had a good time.  It was a good show and a great change of pace.

It is events like this that make us so glad that we have switched to Brookhaven instead of La Cima.  This was a lot of fun for the entire family.  This is the third kids’ event that we have gone to there and we have missed some as well.  Liesl really enjoys the stuff that they do at these so this is perfect for us.  She is getting to be old enough to participate with the crafts and activities table that they set up on kids’ night as well.  Tonight she went over to the table and they helped her to make a foam elephant mask to take home and wear.  She loved that.

I wanted to go out for another walk tonight but, like last night, it was raining.  Probably best not to go out for a walk.

After getting back from Brookhaven Dominica and I spent the evening working hard on putting together our “final” itinerary for Europe.  We spent hours pouring over maps and train schedules and trying to figure out which parts of the trip make the most sense for us, how long to spend where, etc.  Every time that we do this our plans change dramatically but we are getting closer and closer to actually going to Europe so the plans are starting to solidify.  At this point our first week is “solid” and our final half week is solid as well.  We know those bits.  But the time in between is still very much in flux.  I’ll add more details on our plans tomorrow.

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