March 21, 2012: Starting to Solidify Euro Plans

So our plans for Europe now include: Starting our trip by flying into London and taking the train to Nottingham where we will be hanging out and acclimating to Europe and the time change for four days.  While there we will have a couple of days of just staying in Nottingham and “doing nothing” and one or two days of me taking the train in to London by myself to go into the office.  Then from there we will be taking the late evening high speed Eurostar train from London to Brussels.

Instead of doing a full week or more in Belgium like we had been planning we are now, because we were able to make so many changes, limiting that to only three days there with one of those days being the day that I run SpiceCorps Antwerp.  From Brussels we will be heading to Koblenz, Germany on the train to give us a chance to see the Rhine on our first free weekend in Europe.  From Koblenz is where our plans drop off quickly.  We are not sure what we want to do after that point.  That leaves us with nearly a month of unknowns before we have some solid knowledge for the end of our trip.  We know that we are flying home from Lisbon and for safety we plan to be in Lisbon for the final three days of our vacation.  And we know that we are approaching Lisbon from Madrid.  So, basically, we have our entire first week nailed down as well as our final four days.  That leaves almost four entire weeks yet to fret over.

I went in to work this morning.  The sun was out and the rain has finally stopped.  It has been raining for two full days.  It is a little warmer today too.

I had a lunch meeting today that decided to meet at the Tilted Kilt in Lewisville.  So I drove up there and got a free lunch which was great.  This was not my first time visiting the Kilt but it was the first time getting food there.  I got the grilled salmon in whiskey cream sauce and it was surprisingly good.  I think that Dominica would really enjoy that.  Most of the menu is a little less calorie careful but the grilled salmon is pretty good.  I got a large Caesar salad as well.

After lunch was over Dominica needed me to swing over to the house so that I could drop off the credit card so that she could go out shopping today with the girls.  I ended up having some work stuff come up while I was at the house so I jumped on and started working and ended up getting “stuck”.  By the time that I was going to go back to work it was late enough that that really did not make very much sense.   So I stayed home and worked while the girls all went shopping.

I was wrapping up with work when Dominica got home.  She picked up dinner for herself at Panda Express while she was out so she ate that and we watched a few episodes of the first season of Lie to Me and hung out with the girls. It was a nice, relaxing evening.  We did not have too much going on.

At a quarter until midnight I got paged out by the office and I had to log in and work for an hour and a half on the phone.  Dominica went to bed and left me up to work on my own.  I was rather later than I would have liked when I managed to head off to bed.

I had been thinking about going out for a walk tonight but it turned out to be raining, again, so best that I did not go since I got paged out and it turned out raining.

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