March 22, 2012: Continuing the Trip Planning

I ended up working late last night, till about two thirty in the morning.  So I slept in a little today and then worked from home.  I kept think that I was going to go into the office but sometimes that just doesn’t work out as planned.  The weather has been awesome and it is nice to be home with all of the windows open.

At lunch I had a phone meeting through lunch.  Jeremy was able to hop on and listen to me work for an hour.  That went well.

For dinner we decided to go to Brookhaven this evening.  We are very much in a Brookhaven mood this week.  I think that it helped that our usual Tuesday evening meal was something different with the Dallas Zoo at the club so we didn’t quite feel like we had eaten at the club.

Dinner was good then it was back home to work on our European plans.  There is just no end to the trip planning.

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