April 10, 2012: Frozen Yogurt

I stayed home from work today working on the theory that I could use the time to get caught up on my homework.  No such luck whatsoever.  I got a bit done today, but not my homework.  This class really isn’t too bad on homework either.  I just don’t seem to be able to get to it.

After work this evening we went to our usual Tuesday night dinner at Brookhaven with the kids for kids’ night.  Dinner was good but both Dominica and I were craving something more after our meal.  We had contemplated getting some soup to go with the meal but it is not the healthiest option and so often it is too salty that we figured that we should not.

On the way home Dominica decided that she just could not resist some ice cream.  So I proposed getting frozen yogurt.  She thought that that was a great idea.

We drove up to Yogurtland on Frankfort near the where the Dallas North Tollway crosses Frankfort.  We each got non-fat, sugar free frozen yogurt with fruit, mostly berries.  I am officially supposed to be eating berries now (fruit in general, but berries especially) with my current stage on Medifast.  As of yesterday I am supposed to be eating dairy as well, especially yogurt.  So this seemed like a natural way to go.  Liesl got chocolate real froyo with candy in it, she thought that it was quite good.

The frozen yogurt was amazing.  We are going to have a hard time not coming up here all of the time if this can be argued to be on diet!

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