April 11, 2012: Luciana’s First Steps

This morning I had a ton of stuff to do so I just stayed home and worked from there through lunch.  It was a very busy morning.

I rushed home after work, ran into the house, grabbed the family and we turned right around and ran straight out to get to Brookhaven for their new member welcoming event this evening.  We have been trying to go to one of these for months and our schedules just never allow it.  Finally today it was on a Wednesday evening and we were able to squeeze it in without too many problems.

We got to Brookhaven right as the event started at six.  They had a tennis court set up specifically for the younger children which ended up being perfect for Liesl.  They had oversized tennis balls and a low net and there were several kids there.  Liesl was definitely the little one on the court but she tried hard and had a really good time.  She probably played tennis for an hour.  It was adorable.

We got a table right next to the “tennis court” do that we could keep an eye on Liesl.  Luciana was pretty fussy wanting to crawl around and to do something active.  I walked around with her a bit.  We have been working with her a bit recently as she is really close to walking.  She will hold our hands and walk with us.

Tonight, Luciana decided that it was time to walk.  So, while Liesl was on the tennis court playing, Luciana took her first six steps by our table!  Liesl took her first steps a few days before her first birthday across a table in Ariel’s Grotto in Walt Disney World.  Luciana is nearly the same age with her birthday just two weeks away.  We are very excited as Luciana being able to walk while we are in Europe is going to be a big deal.  She won’t be able to crawl around on the train to get exercise or in restaurants but walking she will be able to do and that is a big relief for us.  We were really worried that she would wait to walk and would not be doing it before we left.

They had a light dinner for us tonight.  Crackers, cheeses and fruits for the adults.  The kids’ buffet was out and there were mini pizzas (bit sized ones, much smaller than their normal small pizzas for the kids), corn dogs, fried mac and cheese bites and French fries.  No veggies or other healthy fare so we were pretty limited in what we could eat.  We cheated a bit and had some of the mac and cheese bites because they are amazing, especially with the chipotle ranch dipping sauce that they had out tonight.  Yum.

At a quarter after seven, long before the event was supposed to be over, Liesl threw a bit of a tantrum and got into some serious trouble so we had to leave immediately.  The hazards of having little children.  Luciana was pretty restless as well.

Liesl was pretty unhappy being in so much trouble so she mostly pouted in the back seat.  Dominica really wanted to go out, again, for frozen yogurt and we needed some food, so we drove up to Frankfort instead of going back home and we ran into Subway and got salads there and ran into Yogurtland and got some fat free, sugar free yogurt with fruit and went back home to eat.

We watched the remaining episodes of Happily Divorved tonight.  Liesl was put straight to bed without any stories.  After a while I went in to check on her and she was laying in bed with her head propped up on her arm glaring at the door.  We had a talk and she was allowed to come out and stay with us for a little while.  Then I put her to bed again and she got some stories.


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