April 13, 2012: New Videos

The weather is a little bit cooler and overcast today.  It felt like there were going to be storms coming when I walked out of the house this morning to commute in.  No rain came today but it had that feeling about it.  The weather report shows a weekend of intense storms expected with tornado warnings coming, already, for Sunday.

Overall work was slow today.  I went home at lunch and hung out with the girls.  Luciana has started colouring now.  She was playing with Crayola Color Wonder markers today.  At one point she and Liesl both sat at their little picnic table colouring together.  It was quite adorable.  Dominica and I watched a couple episodes of Lie to Me.  Then back to the office.

The afternoon was decently slow.  I was able to wrap up in the office by around five thirty which is pretty nice for a Friday.  I had some late work to do so I came home and just did that from there.

On the way home I ran over to Fry’s and picked up two travel BluRays for us.  We watch our European travel videos so much that having some more makes a lot of sense.  We’ve watched every episode of Rick Steves several times and we’ve watched our “Visions of…” series multiple times as well and we’ve exhausted what little travel stuff there is on Hulu+ and Netflix, at least what we are able to find.  It appears to be a generally lacking genre of television altogether.

The one video that I got was an adventure travel video of Switzerland.  The other is a more traditional travel video of Belgium and The Netherlands.

I went to Brookhaven and picked up dinner for Dominica and I and then came home so that we could eat and watch our new travel videos.  While we were watching the first video our package that we have been waiting for from Amazon arrived.  It is the LittlePims DVDs for Liesl to help her to learn Italian vocabulary before we travel.  It is a three DVD set (heaven only knows why as the running time is not long enough at all to justify that) designed for kids up to Liesl’s age (yes, she is at the older end of the spectrum) to pick up some words especially around food, animals, household items, etc.

Liesl enjoyed watching her videos and watched all three of them tonight.  She watched the first one out in the playroom with us but then when we wanted to watch our travel videos again she went into our room and watched her new videos in there instead.  She does that pretty regularly, going into our bedroom to watch shows on her own.  She really likes that our good leather chair, the non-recliner, is there and she takes her Dora pillow and her pink polka-dot blanket and climbs into the chair and watches her shows.  That television is much bigger and nicer than the one in the playroom and instead of television built in speakers it has the nice receiver with B&W speakers.  So the viewing experience is a bit nicer there as well.

Liesl went to bed around ten and Dominica and I were right behind going to bed at ten thirty.  Better to get to bed and get rest than force ourselves to stay up just because we think that we should.  Once we are just up watching television or whatever it really should trigger to us that going to bed would make more sense.

I am the on call for the office this weekend so will be home and working much of the time.

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