April 12, 2012: Biscotti Famosi

I slept in a bit this morning as did everyone else.  I don’t think that people were out of bed until eight thirty at least and maybe nine.  Even Liesl slept in late and she was in bed pretty early last night.

I got stuck at the house this morning on one phone call after another.  So I was pretty late going in to the office but I did log in and work from home earlier this morning.  So I decided to skip my lunch break and just worked straight through in the middle of the day.

This afternoon Dan and I made our regular, weekly run to the liquor store.  Their selection there has been getting weaker and weaker each week, though.  They used to have a pretty good selection but now the shelves are mostly empty and there are whole ranges of drinks that they don’t have any longer.  They are fine for stocking the basics and the average liquor shopper probably would not notice but I am a bit beyond the basics these days and if I am buying stuff it is likely something more obscure.  So we did some basic restocking but that was about the best that we could do.  So we decided to go across the street and see what there was there as well.

Going across the street was well worth the effort as the Big Daddy’s there had an amazing selection and we found tons of items in which we were very interested.  I picked up a couple of interesting items like actual Maraschino Luxardo and Biscotti Famosi.  The Biscotti Famosi turned out to be one of those complete gems of a find.  Completely, amazingly delicious.  It actually tastes like you are drinking a cookie!

Dan made a good find as well, Tres Leche liqueur which we dried and liked very much too.

This evening I got home and Dominica decided to send me back out to pick up dinner at Brookhaven.  I drove down there and just got us salads and grilled Rainbow Trout.  I came back home and we ate while we watched the last two episodes of Hot in Cleveland that had recently released.  It was funny because in the last episode that we watched they set the show in a Cleveland area country club – the one in which we are associate members.  The events and club in the show were fictional but the name and the rough location were not.  It was very odd to watch a sitcom joking about the members of a country club to which we are associated while we were eating dinner cooked in the kitchen of the club that founded that one.  Likely we are the only members or one of only a few ever to have had that happen.  It could only have been weirder if that was our home club or if we were actually at the club at the time watching the show.

Dominica went to bed early tonight.  I stayed up until around two doing some work that needed my attention.  It was a bit of a long night.  Quite tired when I turned in finally.

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