April 15, 2012: Fourth and Goal

I slept in until eight this morning.  That was three hours of sleep.  Not a whole heck of a lot.

Today is my fasting day.  Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in at Medifast.  I weighed in first thing this morning and I was at my record low.  Not a new record, just equal to my record.  But that is an entire day ahead of my weigh in and this is my chance to really get the weight down and get a good weigh in.  So no food today.  My last meal was early yesterday afternoon so it will be a full day and a half without food.  I will have no water once I got to bed tonight.  Hopefully that gives me time to process what I have drunk before the Medifast appointment tomorrow morning.

As of first thing this morning I have one and a half pounds to go to reach my original Medifast goal.  That should be very doable for a fasting day.  I will be drinking water like crazy all day to desalinate.

Today Liesl decided to come into my office and point to her wrist and tell me that she needed a clock.  She handed me a marker.  So I drew a watch onto her wrist.  She thought that that was awesome.  She would come into the room, look at her wrist and say “Look at the time, I have to get going!”

I had to work all day as I am the on call for the office this weekend.  The on call really seems to be a twenty-four hour weekend.  It is rather exhausting.

Dominica decided the other day that she is giving up on the Medifast plan until we are back from Europe.  She has been craving food horribly and really struggling for months to stay on diet.  Her being half on, half off of the diet makes it nearly impossible for me to stay on it.

It was pretty much an all work day, even though it is Sunday.  I have to be up at three in the morning to deal with some stuff in the UK so not much sleep coming for me tonight after getting not very much last night.

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