April 16, 2012: I’ve Met My Medifast Goal!

I had to get up at three in the morning to check my email.  I was able to reschedule the meeting to a later time so that I was able to sleep in until six.  I ended up being awake for nearly an hour but it was better than it was going to be and I didn’t actually have to get out of bed that whole time.

I got up and six, showered, and did my morning call.  Then got ready to head to my Medifast appointment.  Today is the moment of truth.  I fasted yesterday trying to get ready for today.  All evening yesterday and all morning this morning I was weighing in pretty much on the hour trying to get a feel for my progress.  Last night I was at my lowest ever with only one pound to go.  This morning I am inching my way closer.

My final weigh in, before leaving the house to go to my appointment, put me at one pound under my goal weight.  That, I hope, gives me enough breathing room to weigh in well at the clinic.  Historically my weigh ins at home are exactly the same as my weigh ins in the clinic.  That means that my scale at home is off by roughly three pounds because at home I weigh in naked (I know, too much information) and at the clinic I am normally in jeans and a light shirt.

I got to the Medifast office and weighed in straight away.  To my amazement I weight in a full three pounds under my goal weight!  That’s it, I’m officially done with the weight loss portion of the program.  I can’t believe it.  After a year of struggling to get down to this weight I am finally there.  Not only did I break my own, initial, weight loss goal but I have set a new record for the clinic as well breaking their previous weight loss record by ten pounds.  I’ve lost ~90 pounds now.

So I am having a good day today!

This evening we ate at home.  Dominica has decided that she is going to go strictly back on to Medifast.  Her experiment in going off of it did not go well and she found herself unable to regulate her food intake and in just forty-eight hours saw that she needed the regimen of the program.  So a lean dinner tonight of veggie burgers with low fat cheese, veggie bacon strips and green beans.  And later on, of course, some sugar free, fat free frozen yogurt with berries.

We tried watching That 80s Show tonight hoping that it would be kind of like That 70s Show.  But it is not.  It was done so poorly that it actually feels much older – kind of like a show made in the 80s would – and the writing and acting is really bad.  It feels painful, like people are just popping in, reading lines and popping out again.  It feels labored and awkward.  No wonder they only managed to make thirteen episodes.  It is a neat idea – those of us from the 80s have many fond memories of the time period and That 70s Show was a huge success.  But mostly it was good because the characters were believable and endearing.  You cared about their story.  It wasn’t just a collection of period references.

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