April 23, 2012: Liesl at the Window

The weather continues to be awesome down here in Texas.  I am not at all missing the snow in New York.

We are beginning to panic a little bit about our upcoming trip to Europe.  It is getting really close.  We don’t have our final travel schedule yet and we might need to be on the road driving to New York as early as twelve days from now.  Eek.  We are scrambling to get our house in Texas looked after, our travel plans finalized, our finances figured out – and not to mention the packing.  So much to do.  Oh, and of course, my homework and stuff for my class at RIT!  This is insane.

At this point we have a lot of our itinerary figured out but there is still tons to do.  We have most of our hotels picked out and booked but there are still gaps in the schedule and places where we don’t know what we will be doing.  We’ve only just added Viena and Venice to our schedule in the last few days so things are still changing on a regular basis.  As we nail down the hotels there is less and less of that.

I was in the office today and home for lunch.  Liesl has really developed a concern about us leaving.  She has always required that we get a hug and a kiss from her before leaving the house and if she didn’t get them she would be very upset and possibly cry for half an hour or more.  So we are very careful about that.  But now she becomes incredibly meloncholy whenever I go to go to work or when Dominica is going to go to the store and she starts to cry before we leave and she stands at the front windows waving and waving and blowing kisses.  If we don’t wave and blow kisses back the entire way to the car she will get very upset.  I have to make sure that I keep waving to her as long as she can see me and then I drive the car back past the front windows so that she can wave to me as I drive by as well.

It is really sweet that Liesl misses us so much and doesn’t want us to ever be away but it is heartbreaking as I have to leave the house every day.  It makes me want to get up early and get in to work before she gets up so that she doesn’t have to go through that.  She seems to be fine if I am gone before she wakes up.  It used to be like this but it was nearly two years ago and she has been fine since then.  Now Luciana is starting to mimic her and needs her hug and a kiss before anyone leaves and will go stand in the front windows waving to you as well as you drive away.

This evening Dominica and I decided to splurge and to have some Indian for dinner.  So she ordered from Ruchi Palace up on Trinity Mills and I went there after work to pick up dinner thinking that it would be a super easy dinner idea.  And this highlights why online ordering is not as popular as just picking up the phone and calling – the restaurant was out of business.  Argh.

So I sat in the parking lot for a bit while Dominica looked up options online.  Eventually she settled on Flavors down in Addison, called in and order and sent me down there since I was already out and driving around.

Flavors had the food ready for me the moment that I arrived so I just stepped in, paid and left.  I hope that we like this place.  It is going to be very disappointing if we went through a year of dieting and not being able to eat at Ruchi Palace just to have our local Indian place go out of business a week after we were able to eat there again!

I got home and we ate dinner while watching House Hunters International.   The food from Flavors was excellent.  We are really happy with it and the price was good too.  It is not as close as we would like but it isn’t bad and if I hit it on the drive home it is better still.

We did pretty little tonight.  More looking into hotels and a few more nights have been covered.  We went to bed on the early side.  We were all pretty tired.

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