April 22, 2012: Chuck E Cheese

Woke up at about ten thirty this morning.  Another beautiful Texas spring day.  Nearly eighty degrees today and sunny all while they are getting threats of snow back home.

I got up this morning and spent the morning doing as much work as I could.  Dominica managed to get on the road at a good time and called at around ten thirty to tell me that she and the girls were already on the north side of Houston and on the open highway without significant fear of traffic issues.  So that gave me about three hours to get work done and be ready for them to get home.

I continued my streak of productivity and stayed busy as long as I could.  Dominica got home before two and I spent some time with the girls while Dominica got ready to head off to Zachary’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese’s in Lewisville at three thirty.

On the way to the party we stopped at Target to pick up birthday presents.  Dominica has gotten really good at being super fast when doing this while I stay in the car with the girls.

Liesl had a great time at Chuck E Cheese.  She loves going there.  She knew exactly what to do with her tokens too.  She immediately rode ride after ride all by herself.  She was able to get on, put her money in and ride over and over again.  She played a lot of the “ticket” games too and won herself some little tiny plastic frogs that she really likes in blue, green and purple.  Last time that we were at Chuck E Cheese she won some little plastic fish that she still plays with.

We stayed at the party as long as we could.   I have class tonight online that I need to get to.  I’ve missed a bit of class and really can’t miss anything additional.  I am way behind and need to be pretty much done with the class before we go to Europe or it is going to be a real problem.  I have no idea how I am going to effectively work on my class work while I am over there.  So my goal is to, somehow, have it all done before we go.  That is going to be awful.

We took off at a quarter till six and made it back to the house just in time for me to start my class.  That lasted for about an hour and a half, not as long as I had anticipated.

After my class was over Dominica ran out to CVS for a bit.  Liesl made me sit on the floor in front of the front windows and she sat on my lap the entire time just talking and talking.  She gets so upset these days whenever one of us leaves te house.  She really is only happy when her whole family is together.

Liesl stayed up until midnight tonight hanging out with me.  She was determined to snuggle on the couch all evening.  She had me make her a tent out of blankets right beside me  and she played on her LeapPad while Dominica and I watched House Hunters International.

I uploaded a few pics and videos today.

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