April 27, 2012: More Tuscan Reading

It’s Friday.  I have my calendar blocked off because I have so much work going on that I am unable to get my head above water and no way to catch up at all.

I got up early this morning, around seven, so that I could get back to work.  That was just four hours of sleep.  Not horrible but not as much as I would like.  Dominica said that I snored just a little bit as I was falling asleep but did not snore during the night.  So that is good, I just need to keep up the weight loss and hopefully I will never have need of the CPAP again.  We will be monitoring that closely for the next two weeks leading up to our trip.

I worked for about two hours before going into the office.  I am already over halfway through reading “In Tuscany” and will likely be done with it tonight.

I came home at lunch and worked on projects like crazy.  I got a ton of work done and feel good about my lunch time progress.

This afternoon at the office was busy, as to be expected as it is Friday.  I ended up having to work until around six thirty.  Except for Nicki, I was the last one in the office.  She is traveling to New York this weekend and isn’t coming back from there until three days after Dominica and I head up there. So I will not likely be seeing her again now until July.

On the way home I ran over to Brookhaven and picked up Friday night dinner.  That is becoming our accepted ritual.  Friday night take out from the club.  This evening it was soy glazed tilapia.  Dominica is always happy whenever they have tilapia.

After Luciana went to bed I made a run to Centennial to pick up some Tres Leche for tonight and then ran over to the yogurt shop and got Dominica, Liesl and I some frozen yogurt.  I came home and we all watched the movie Morning Glory which Dominica has been trying to get me to watch with her for months.  I had some time since the two big jobs that I needed to do were still running and were not ready for me.  One is a database load that has been running all day and the other is a file transfer that has also been running all day.  I check on them periodically but after a full day of running they aren’t likely to be wrapping up “any minute.”

We were in bed around eleven thirty.  When I put Liesl to bed tonight we tried something new.  I read her one of Hans Christian Andersen’s faery tales, a short story like she normally gets, but then instead of ready a few short stories I started reading to her from the book “Rabbit Hill” which I read in my childhood.  We didn’t make it very far before I noticed that she was asleep in my lap.

I did end up finishing “In Tuscany” tonight and since I finished both sequels I went back and started reading the actual book “Under the Tuscan Sun”.   I had skipped it as I have seen the movie but now that I am reading it I realize that the movie is really not even loosely based on the book.

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  1. Getting around to reading more of your blogs. I also saw the movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun” and enjoyed it. Now that you say the movie is not “even loosely based on the book” I’ll have to read the book–hum, which I already have.

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