April 28, 2012: Oreo’s Vet Checkup

Sleeping without my CPAP makes me a much lighter sleeper than I have probably ever been.  I am so used to the noise of the compressor running right beside my head that now anything that I hear causes me to wake up immediately.  It is a bit of a problem.  Last night it was legitimate.  I heard Liesl wake up and start crying so I was in her room in minutes, before she was really even awake.  She had had an accident and her diaper didn’t hold up so her bed was wet.  So I cleaned her and changed her and brought her in to sleep with us.  That was three thirty in the morning.  Only about three and a half hours of sleep for me.

I ended up being unable to get back to sleep.  I lay awake in bed until nearly five hoping that I would fall back asleep but it never happened.  So finally I got up and just went into my office so that I could at least get some work done since I was already awake.

Today was a crazy busy work day for me.  So much to do.  I was incredibly productive though.  So that worked out, in a way.

I worked the entire day and really got no time to hang out at all.  A bit exhausting.

This afternoon I stayed home with the girls and Dominica took Oreo to his vet appointment.  His vet is more worried about him that she has been previously.  His mange is back really bad, not that it ever went away to any degree.  She has him on new, gentler medicine, more anti-biotics and has us feeding him as much as he will eat without getting sick.  We had felt that he was getting too thin and were slowly upping his food intact as it was.  But now we are giving him much, much more.



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