April 6, 2012: The Grices at the Park

This morning marks the beginning of Easter Weekend with the Grices.  Francesca and the kids left Houston around five thirty this morning.  Francesca really likes to get up early and get out the door as quickly as possible when she is traveling.

I had to be up around six thirty so that I could sit in on the fed’s non-farm payroll call today.  At least it got me out of bed and kept me from sleeping away my holiday weekend.

I worked pretty solid for a few hours this morning and helped Dominica to do some cleaning when I could.

Francesca made amazing time getting up to our house in just over four hours!  That has to be a record.

This evening, once work was done, since I had to do some number of Friday night deployments, we all went out for a walk to Cafe Brazil.  We were quite the entourage with the nine of us traveling along in a caravan with two strollers and me with Luciana on my back.

Dinner was good at Cafe Brazil.  After dinner we walked back but decided, at the last minute, to take a detour and take the kids to the local park.  Liesl hasn’t been there in a while and the Grice kids have never gotten to go.  I doubt that anyone but Emily was even aware that there was a park there.

The kids had a good time at the park. The weather was great and it was quite busy.  Lots of kids out playing.  The highlight was Luciana taking her very first time out in a swing.  Liesl tried the swing at this park over a year ago but hated it and wanted to get down immediately.  Luciana, on the other hand, had a wonderful time.  Liesl even spent some time pushing her little sister.  We managed to get Liesl to try the swing as well but the effect was the same as before.  A few seconds of swinging and she wanted to get down.  It could be that she gets vertigo like me.

It was after eight when we got back to the house.  We had to head back because the insects were starting to come out and we had a little bit of walking to do yet before we would be back to the house.

It was a very early evening for everyone.  Everyone but Dominica had been up crazy early so we were all ready for bed very quickly.  Clara was using my office as a place to sleep so I was kicked out of there and unable to keep working at a pretty early hour which was actually decently convenient as it forced me to stop working.

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