April 7, 2012: Brookhaven’s Eggstravaganza

Francesca and Dominica had discussed the Easter plans and Francesca was very excited about the food and activity lineups at Brookhaven so we decided to do events there both Saturday (today) as well as tomorrow for Easter Sunday itself.

Everyone was up moderately early this morning since we were all in bed so early last night.  There were a lot of kids to get ready to go to Brookhaven, though.  Our reservations were for noon.  Unfortunately Oreo has a vet appointment today as well at a quarter after one that could not be rescheduled so I had to arrange to take him there while everyone else got to stay and hang out at the club.  I wish that I could have been there for more of it.  Liesl had such a good time at La Cima’s event last year.

Emily and I drove to the club separately.  We went a few minutes ahead of everyone else so that we could get us checked in and ready to save time as I would barely have enough time to eat before I needed to leave.  We got there minutes before noon and managed to get the perfect table – all the way up front directly next to the buffet with tons of space around us and room for all of the kids.

The food today was excellent.  Salmon in a caper cream sauce!  Very tasty.  Neither Dominica nor Francesca really liked it though.  I thought that it was a truly phenomenal salmon style.  Normally Dominica and I have more aligned tastes.  There was a Caesar salad as well.  It was a tasty lunch.

I had to eat quickly and run out to go back to the house and get Oreo to take him into the vet for his appointment.  Back at the club the family visited with the Easter bunny, did face painting (Liesl got a little chick breaking out of an egg painted on her cheek), temporary tattoos and had an Easter egg hunt.  They had a lot of fun although Luciana and Clara were scared of the Easter bunny.  Clara was more terrified and Luciana more concerned.

Oreo’s vet appointment went well.  They feel that he is making good progress at recovering from his horrible skin and eye problems.  It was a good day for him to go in because he was really showing improvement today.  I could look at him and tell that he was better than yesterday.

The family got back to the house before Oreo and I did.  I spent much of the afternoon uploading loads of pictures to Flickr.  My Nikon D90 has been loaded with pictures dating back to 2010 that have not yet been uploaded!  Oops.  Going through the pictures I cannot believe that things like our trips to the Fort Worth Zoo with Liesl were mostly in 2010.  To me they seem really recent but they were, in fact, two years ago.  I can’t believe that we moved to Texas in 2009.  I still feel like we just got here but it has been nearly two and a half years at this point.

So anyone interested in seeing lots of pictures, check out my Flickr feed.  I would estimate that at least four hundred pictures are being uploaded.  Lots of really good ones too.

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