April 8, 2012: Luciana’s First Easter

This morning was a scramble to get everyone ready and out the door so that we could make it to the early seating of Easter Brunch at Brookhaven.  Our reservations were for eleven.

We made it to Brookhaven on time and brunch was really awesome. There was a huge selection including baked salmon, smoked salmon, smoked trout and loads of other good stuff.  I have to admit that we cheated a bit on the diet today!  Cheese blintzes were a particularly difficult treat to pass up.  Dominica cheated far more than I did going so far as to even eat cake.  I was reasonably restrained, if I do say so.  The whole meal was just incredible, though.  It was terribly hard to resist.

After brunch was over we came home and the Grices were pretty much immediately on the road back to Houston.  Normally they would not have stayed this late but Francesca really wanted to do brunch at the country club and it really was awesome.  That is the place to go for brunch.

We had a quiet afternoon.  I mostly worked on homework today.  I am way behind on my class.  Argh.


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