March 10, 2012: The Grices Arrive

Medifast Status: Day 312, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

Francesca and the kids are driving up from Houston today.  So this morning I did a bit of work and, when we were able, we did some cleaning.  The house was not in too bad of shape when they arrived in the early afternoon.

This evening, for dinner, Francesca, Emily and I went out and picked up dinner from Restaurant Latino #2.  So Francesca got to witness firsthand how difficult it is to order food there for me.  It was quite a challenge to get them to understand what we wanted and we decided that there was nothing that a lot of the kids would eat.  So while we were waiting for the food there we drove over to McDonald’s and picked up some food there as well.

We came back and Emily and I went inside and waited for the food to be ready while Francesca sat in the car and played some video games on her phone.  She is currently addicted to a game called Temple Runner or something like that.

We got back to the house and discovered that my meal was missing.  We were not charged for it, they were just unable to understand what we were trying to order.  Frustrating though.

So later on Emily and I ran out to McDonald’s and I ate dinner there and she got some fries.  At least I managed to get some of the McDonald’s Fish McBites out of the deal.  I really love those.  I should not have them though.  Very dangerous.

This evening Dominica and Francesca got dressed up and headed out to Addison for a night on the town.  They went to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar while I stayed home watching the kids.

Liesl passed out on the play room couch tonight.  Playing with her cousins all day really wore her out.

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